Customer Support. Supercharged.

Hire a team of trained UK Agents today. We provide simple monthly plans, that offer brands flexiblity as they need it. 

Hire your own support team

All our Customer Support Staff are located in the UK. Our service includes providing agents, management, security, training and analytics.

Clear your support requests

Reach inbox zero today. Our agents work dynamically to clear your support requests in record time, including on evenings and weekends.

Scale fast with us
10+ Agents resolving and moderating 3000 tickets per month
10+ Agents resolving complex support threads online
20+ Agents working on 1000 customer orders per month
5+ Agents working on email tickets during peak periods
Multichannel Support

We support all major support platforms. Integrate our agents with your existing system, or use Socialbear Community to setup your complete customer service function.
Your own team
Your Agents
All of our agents are located in the UK. This enables us to train in person and ensure that accuracy is maintained. 
We undertake complaince training and testing for every  new client. Our analytics allow you to track agent performance, as well as view entire support threads for each customer.
Scale your customer support according to demand. We offer the flexiblity per month to onboard new agents as you need.
Tone of Voice
Our team of human agents alter their tone to fit every individual conversation and respond to highly varied queries and situations in real-time. 
Flexible pricing for brands which require modern customer support.
Pay as you go
  • Pay per support request
  • Complete flexibility
  • Scale up and down depending on volume
  • Includes all training, management and reporting
  • Monthly billing cycle
  • No minimum commitment 
Hire a team
  • Dedicated team for your brand
  • Dynamically scale, depending on support volume 
  • Cover available 24/7, 7 days a week, including Bank Holidays
  • Fully managed including training and continuous updates
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100+ Agents ready to support your brand


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