Social Media Competitions

We specialise in campaign management for brand competitions, running across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Using our propriety tracking software, we can automatically download and export guest competition entries on a promotional post - from the comments section of the post. This allows brands to run a competition on Social Media and follow up with winners directly on the platform.


Our competition management software complies with GDPR regulation and is securely stored in the cloud.

  • Compatible with Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

  • Plug & Play Unit
    Completely self-start with 3 step setup

  • 22’’ Touch Screen
    No hosting required, can be used by all guests

  • Multiple Branding Areas for your brand
    22’’ Screen, Front of totem and Prints


  • Live Analytics
    Analytics dashboard to monitor any totem in use


  • Search from @Username
    Guests can search for their photos on the hashtag


  • Print / Enlarge & Re-Print
    Easy to use software with a host of features

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Social Media Competitions


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Social Media

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